Welcome to Thor’s Oak Ocicats

Responsible breeders of Ocicat Classics (Aztecs) & Ocicats.

We are Monika & Owen. Breeders of Ocicat Classics (Aztecs) & Ocicats. We live in the deepest, darkest, depths of Thurrock, in the village of Aveley, with our Ocicat Classics (Aztecs) & Ocicats, and a moggy called Paca.

Thor’s Oak cats are carefully selected from lines with no known genetic defects, therefore ensuring they are as healthy as can be possible. All Thor’s Oak kittens are all born and raised indoors. They are socialised with our other cats and are used to normal houshold noises.

Our aim: to improve the genetic diversity in UK Ocicat Classics (Aztecs) & Ocicats. Because of this this aim,we asked Rosemary Caunter to breed us a (F1) queen, from her Abyssinian (Manuka) and Thunder. Furthermore, we are starting to work with international breeders, with the aim to import carefully selected healthy cats from abroad.

Thor’s Oak Name

There is a local legend that Thurrock was named after Thor’s Oak, a tree sacred to the Norse God Thor, which stood hereabouts. Our cattery name, Thor’s Oak, was taken from that legend. Truth be told, Thurrock is called after a bend in the River Thames which resembles a ‘Turroc’ an Anglo-Saxon word for the bilge of a ship.

We normally have kittens available. To be adopted by one, please, Contact Us to arrange an interview with mum

Always remember: –

Thousands of years ago,
Cats were worshipped as Gods.
Cats remember this.


Statue Of Bast


Ocicat Classics (Aztecs) & Ocicats,