Grand Champion Thorsoak Sonnung (Sonnüng)

Sonnüng is named after Thor, the God of Thunder. Sonnung is one of the names Thor is otherwise known as his name means the true one. We believe that Sonnüng is aptly named.

One of Tikari’s firstborn, Sonnüng is a Chocolate Silver, well proportioned, muscular, a boy who has a pronounced ‘wild look’. Although he is really a big softy.

Once the Ocicat Classics (Aztecs) could be shown in the GCCF Sonnüng attained Grand Champion status in 6 consecutive shows.

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Grand Champion Thorsoak Biorn (Biorn)

Again named after Thor Biorn (The Bear) is another of the names Thor is otherwise known as.

Luck was with us when we first mated Sast, as Biorn is from her first litter.

Biorn is a black silver Ocicat, He is a bit shy and a lady’s cat.


Young Biorn ©Robert Fox

Thorsoak Biorn

From Russia With Love: Modi Amagitsune*RU (Modi)

Modi is named after the Norse God of battle and wrath.

His temperament does not match his namesake’s. Modi is a friendly affectionate young cat who cannot be on his own.

Imported from Russia Modi will help improve the gene pool of Ocicats in the UK

We are very grateful to Irina Koroleva of Amagitsune, for allowing us to have this handsome boy